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Lucky Girl #1
Who is Lucky Girl?
She's a girl just like any other girl at your school or in your neighborhood, except for one thing: She was born with extremely good luck. Everything (or almost everything) goes her way. 

How does she use her amazing powers?
To help the people of her town, Boone Docks, Indiana, by solving mysteries and investigating crimes.

And where can you read about Lucky Girl?
In her own comic book called Lucky Girl of course!
In the first issue, you'll learn the answers to some important questions. For instance:

Who is (or was) the missing gigster?

Where is the purloined guitar?

And why would someone want to steal
535 Uma Thurman dolls from the local toy store? 

Lucky Girl #1 includes two stories:
"Lucky Girl" (an introduction) and "The Missing Gigster"

And on the back cover:
That grooviest of bands from the 1960s
The Groovy Gigsters!

Hand drawn * Printed from a digital press * Black-and-white cover * 20 pages black-and-white interior * 6-3/4 inches x 10-1/8 inches * $3.00 each 

* * *
Five Star Comics #1

Five Stories! Five Heroes!
Five Creators! Five Stars!

Five characters from the Golden Age of Comics,
now in all-new adventures!

"Moth Man Meets Mothman"
by Terence Hanley
Starring Moth Man the Golden Age superhero and the Mothman creature of 1960s fame!

"Yesterday and Today"
by Larry Blake
Starring Silver Streak and Missile, an all-new superheroine created by Larry Blake!

"Agent of Doom"
by Terence Hanley
Starring Marvel Maid, with cameo appearances from Albert Einstein, Orson Welles, and Joseph Cotten!

"Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension"
by Jordan Lowe and Gary Gibeaut
Starring Flip Falcon as the hero and the evil Demi-Things as the villains!

"Cave Girl"
by Terence Hanley, Larry Blake, and Gary Gibeaut
Starring Cave Girl, a modern woman trapped in a hidden valley inhabited by dinosaurs and cave men!

Five Star Comics #1
Thirty-seven pages of stories in black and white with no ads, plus a sepia-tone preview of
The Black Bat by Matt Marshall on the back cover!

Hand drawn--cover colored by hand and by computer * Printed from a digital press * Full color front cover and sepia tone back cover * 37 pages of stories * Black-and-white interior * 6-5/8 inches x 10-1/8 inches * $4.00 each

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Artwork and text copyright 2017 Terence E. Hanley

* * *
Five Star Comics #2

Five stories filled with heroes and heroines from the Golden Age to the Present Age!

Cover by Matt Marshall!

"Origin of the Black Bat"
by Matt Marshall
Artwork like you have never before seen in a comic book!

"The Trojan Cuckoo"
by Terence Hanley and Larry Blake
Missile returns to face an old foe with the help of an old friend!

"The Return of Lady Luck"
by Gary Gibeaut
Two Lady Lucks for the price of one!

"The Case of the Nut Case"
by Terence Hanley, Tim Corrigan, and Many Hands
The Amalga-Mates, the world's first and only Siamese twin superheroes, make their debut! 

"Cave Girl and The Bat-King"
by Terence Hanley
Cave Girl is back for a second appearance but will she survive long enough for a third?

Five Star Comics #2
Forty-eight pages in black and white with no ads, plus our letters page, "Five Star Comments," appears here for the first time! Plus, on the back cover, a photo-collage featuring Cave Girl, created by Larry Blake!

Front cover drawn and colored by hand and by computer * Back cover assembled, drawn, and colored by hand * Printed from a digital press * Full color front and back covers * 48 pages of stories * Black-and-white interior * 6-5/8 inches x 10-1/8 inches * $5.00 each

Cover of Five Star Comics #2 Copyright 2020 Matt Marshall
All other text and images copyright 2020 Terence E. Hanley

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